Month: October 2017

How to Install WordPress On Google Cloud in 2017

In this tutorial, I will teach you guys to install WordPress on google will help you to get free 1 year hosting without any issues. Google cloud is one of the most popular cloud platforms. Hosting your website on google platform is awesome. Google platform was officially powered by Google and people can host their app or website. Google is where the most popular game called the clash of clans is hosted. We are not going to host games or other apps. We will host WordPress site. The most interesting fact about installing WordPress is you can choose hard...

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EASILY LEARN HOW TO CREATE KALI LINUX BOOTABLE USB AND LINUX LIVE USB CREATOR SOFTWARE’S. IT WILL HELP YOU TO MAKE BOOTABLE USB FOR ANY LINUX OPERATING SYSTEM Kali Linux is the world best operating system for hackers and security pen testers. There are many beginners who want to move from windows to Linux. They can also install Kali Linux tools in Ubuntu and build their hacking career. People who want to start hacking and don’t have Ubuntu installed. They want something for them to make bootable USB and the solution is making bootable USB using below method. Nowadays, Many...

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I am sure that you have heard or play clash of clans once in your life. The main resource of the game is gems and in this tutorial, I am going to tell you some tips to get free gems in clash of clans. Clash of clans is very popular all around the world. The objective of the game is to build a strong community, which is achieved by raiding others in a massive online multiplayer mode. For the sole purpose of attacking, players can train troops which are abundantly available as there are many options ranging from small Barbarians,...

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10 Killer Ways To Increase YouTube Subscribers – 2017

YouTube world second largest search engine and number one video sharing website. There are millions of YouTubers and YouTube channel. YouTube is growing higher day by day and number of the channel are also increasing. If you are YouTubers and want to increase YouTube subscribers, then there are many ways both legit and spam ways. Many people’s start YouTube channel and upload some videos and then left the youtube field. It is because YouTubers are not getting subscribers. Sometimes peoples are too lucky that they make some content and become popular for e.g. fashion and makeup channel. There are many categories...

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How To Increase Alexa Site Ranking Quickly (7+ Tips) – 2017

In this post, I am going to give you people some idea/tips to increase Alexa site ranking quickly in 2017.There are millions of websites on the internet and daily many websites added on the internet by people like you and me. Someone run their website for business, someone run site for clients and someone run blogs like us. If you want to get better views, then you must know about SEO this day. Apart from SEO, there is another site which helps you to grow your business known as Alexa. Alexa ranks website according to views of the website. This...

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