We always divide  SEO into two parts Off-site SEO and On-Site SEO. Off-site SEO always contain social signals and backlinks.  You need to Build High Quality Backlinks from other authority sites to boost Your search engine ranking. we know that the Important of search engine traffic to increase Adsense earning.  Getting high-quality backlinks to your blog is one of the best ways to improve your blog traffic and earnings. In this post, we will be listing 10 Techniques to Build High Quality Backlinks.

After the Google Penguin Update, Which main target is to get rid of the site which uses spammy or paid way to build links.  You should always remember about the quality of links and anchor text variation when you start to build backlinks. Instead of building many links for just homepage, I suggest you to start building the links for post/internal page too.

Best Techniques to Build High Quality Backlinks

Broken Link Building

This is the most popular and best way to earn quick backlinks from high quality pages. You have to find the broken link which is related to your post. Once you found the page you have to send the message to the site owner and notify them about the broken link. In the mail, send them the similar link from your website. (The content should be similar which you already have created) and request them to update their post.

Link Exchange

This is the very old method to build backlinks but it still works well. If you and your friends both have same content then you can do the link exchange. You can use this method without getting penalized by search engines. You can use this method on your own or with your friend, make sure that the Keyword is same otherwise it will look like spam link for search engines.


This is also the old method to build backlinks. This is the most popular techniques to bring traffic and Build High Quality Backlinks. Infographics are easy to understand and share in the website. There is site like Mashable which publish numerous infographics from all over the internet. You have to choose and design your infographics carefully and each one should be unique and interesting. Follow trending topics and create infographics to get the better response(share and embed) from other bloggers and website owners.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another evergreen way to Build High Quality Backlinks to your site without giving the link back to other people website/content. The backlinks you built through guest blogging are high quality and authority. Most of the site has a good rank and they manually read the articles. Most of those sites don’t publish duplicate content. if someone publishes your duplicate article then maybe the site authority is less. If your writing is great, then you can even get more people engage in comment and you will also build some customers for your website.

Comment on Related Blog Articles

I found many people want to spam others blog comment section and I regularly face this kind of comments. Google bots will recognize and penalize them. If you put the relevant comment in the relevant post then google and website owner will love it. You should always keep in mild that no-follow comments are useless for building backlinks. So, you should always try Do-follow comments to get backlinks.

Contribute to Blogging Communities

Blogging communities are one of the best ways of getting noticed by people who are relevant to your niche and interested in reading blogs. there are sites like inbound, GrowthHackers and Blog Engage which offer access to a wider community and help you to get quality links back to your blog. When you submit a link to blogger community make sure, you submit the link to the quality site. There are several communities which are associated with spam sites and Google will penalize you if you keep posting in that kind of website.

Social Bookmarking Sites

If you are in blogging field then you may have already know about social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites are the one of the great sources of getting traffic and backlinks. There are several sites for bookmarking such as Digg, Reddit, Delicious, and Kinja. It is little hard to post on all of this sites but there are many tools to automatically post in this kind of sites. You can follow my Reddit karma guide to increase your Reddit karma easily.


Be An Editor on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is highly appreciated by Google and almost 99% of Wikipedia pages appear in 99% of google searches. You can’t really beat Wikipedia but you can become an editor on Wikipedia. If you have any link which is related to the Wikipedia topic then you can put the relevant link back to your articles or even make Wikipedia page about you or your business. You should understand Wikipedia protocol before you start.

Get credit for your images

If you found someone is using your images on their blog/website. instead of giving them copyright notice or asking them to remove it. You can simply ask them to give you link back to your blog. Make sure that the content is relevant to the image otherwise google will take it as a spam link and penalize you.

Share Your Images

If you have created any images or have taken any photos then you can upload them to site like Snapfish, Flickr or other images directories. In the description, include the link back to your post. If you follow this well then you will Build High Quality Backlinks. You can increase your Facebook fan base and share your images on Facebook too but its really hard to get backlinks from Facebook.

Use Discussion Boards

Have you ever heard about Quora or Linkedin discussions? Those are the best place to get some link back to your sites. This is the safe way to get some backlinks but you have to make people click on your links. You have to make sure that the answer you provide in that kind of discussion boards should be valuable but provide insightful information. Don’t just drop your links because people will not click on it if you do so. You could also get flagged as spam and get penalize by google if you do so.


Keep in mind that all the links are not equal. Some of the links are high quality and some are low. If you follow all of the above tips, then you will get the better result and can build high quality backlinks. Quality backlinks can make your site SEO better and improve your traffic and search engine rankings.

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