I am sure that you have heard or play clash of clans once in your life. The main resource of the game is gems and in this tutorial, I am going to tell you some tips to get free gems in clash of clans. Clash of clans is very popular all around the world. The objective of the game is to build a strong community, which is achieved by raiding others in a massive online multiplayer mode. For the sole purpose of attacking, players can train troops which are abundantly available as there are many options ranging from small Barbarians, to mighty dragon’s users can have their pick. For this purpose, the game has four main resources.

  1. Gold: required to upgrade defences and walls.
  2. Elixir: Used to train troops and upgrade troop related buildings.
  3. Dark elixir: Used to train and upgrade special heroes.
  4. Gems: Used to speed up the game processes, and buying Builder Huts.

Among this, Gems are the rarest and valuable resource, as the cannot be raided/looted. Gems are very difficult to get, as supercell wants you to buy them. There are many sources which claim to provide free gems in clash of clans. Most of the players are always looking for a way to earn more gems as they help a lot in the gameplay and save a lot of time, and today we are going to show you the best way to get free gems in clash of clans legally. This means you will not get banned even if you use following tricks.

How to Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans

There are several ways to earn gems for clash of clans and here I am going to list out some popular ways to get some money. Later, you can use that money to buy gems for clash of clans.

Method 1: Earn Playstore Credits

Google rewards which are developed by Google is known as Google Opinion Rewards available on Android and IOS but for the USA only. It shows available survey and pays you small credit amount from 0.10-15 $. This will add that amount to your play store button. Once you have successfully earned credit then when you open clash of clans. Go to the store and click on the package you want to buy after that choose play store credit. Then, it will add gems on your account.

Google Rewards

  • FreeMyApps

Many clash of clans Youtubers uses this app to get gems. This is the app which will install other’s application and the application owners paid some amount to freemyapps. It will give some points depend upon the app. When you make, points needed for the gift card. It will give you the gift card for play-store or for IOS. Then, Redeem the gift-card and then you can buy gems easily.

Method 2: Clash of Clans Gems without spending money

You don’t need to spend money to buy gems and you can get free COC Gems legally and which is provided by supercell.

  1. Completing Achievements.

    Clash of Clan offers a lot of achievements which on completion are rewarded with Gems. players can see their achievements from a button on the right side on the screen. These achievements are easy and can be completed by regular gameplay. Choose the easier achievements and make them a target to quickly collect gems in the game. Achievements are the most effective way to earn free gems in Clash of Clans.Completing Achievements

  2. Gem Box.

    Clash of Clans offers a Gem Box that appears on the land. A Gem Box usually contains 25 Gems. Those gems boxes appear only if you removed previous one.So, you have to remove them as soon as possible to get clash of clans free gems. This is another way to GET FREE GEMS IN CLASH OF CLANS.

  3. Clearing Obstacles.

    There are several obstacles growing on the clash of clans. But instead of being a task, it is a blessing, because removing obstacles may give gems. Gems from obstacles range from 1 to 6. These obstacles include followings rocks, stones, trees, bushes, mushrooms and Obstacles.Clearing Obstacles.

  4. Completing Troops Event

    Recently clash of clans lunches new event, where players can earn some gems and XP after event successfully completed. The benefits of completing Troops Event is the player will get gems, XP as well as they can save their loot.

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If you follow above tips and start saving gems then I am sure that you will not get out of gems. I think it’s pointless to waste real life money on games. If you have some friends who waste money on gems then share this tutorial with them and help them to save their money.

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