In this post, I am going to give you people some idea/tips to increase Alexa site ranking quickly in 2017.There are millions of websites on the internet and daily many websites added on the internet by people like you and me. Someone run their website for business, someone run site for clients and someone run blogs like us. If you want to get better views, then you must know about SEO this day. Apart from SEO, there is another site which helps you to grow your business known as Alexa. Alexa ranks website according to views of the website. This does not include views that you got from bots. Alexa is most important for you people like SEO.

If you have good Alexa rank, then people like to do a guest post because it will help them to grow their sites. It is difficult to take place on the internet nowadays because everything is being difficult either that is SEO or Alexa Rank. Alexa rank is another factor to decide the popularity of a website. If you sell ads to place on your website, then people will look at your blog Alexa rank before putting ads on your site. So, webmaster always wants to increase Alexa site ranking.

How Alexa Ranking System Works?

Alexa collects its data from a huge number of traffic data panels around the world. From sample data, it performs very complex calculations to calculate Alexa rank by filtering fake and spam traffic resulting in non-human pure performance rank. Every day, Alexa estimates the average daily visitors and page views to every site over the past 3 months. The site with the highest numbers of visitors and page views over the past 3 months is ranked in number 1. The site with the least is ranked somewhere around 50 million and you need to increase your visitors to increase Alexa site ranking.

Tips to Increase Alexa Site Ranking

Put Alexa ranking Widget on Your Blog

If you put Alexa rank widget on your blog, then it will help you to boost your Alexa rank. Alexa rank widget is officially removed by Alexa but the widget code is still working. If you put Alexa widget on your blog and some of your blog visitors click on that widget. It will open the new window and open your site page on Alexa which will help you to get better rank.

Add Alexa extension in browser

If you got 1 thousands visitors with Alexa extension and someone got 5k visitors without extension. Then Alexa will increase your rank. Alexa works according to the traffic of blog/website. It will give priority to Alexa users because that traffic is not fake but those 5k visitors may be fake.

Alexa extension in browser

Increase Social Signal

This is another way to increase Alexa site ranking. If you gain visitors from the social network such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube Alexa will take those visitors as legal visitors. Facebook, Twitter or YouTube offer advertising program which may help you to increase your site ranking and blog visitors.

Build High Quality Backlinks

Follow SEO for More Traffic

The more traffic you got on your website, you will get better Alexa rank. Nowadays if you want to get traffic on your blog then SEO is most important or you need to advertise your blog on the different platform which will cost you money. So, follow SEO on your blog and gain more traffic and better rank on Alexa.

Quality Backlink

It is another most important tip to increase your blog visitors because if you got backlinks on some Quality blog that niche meet your blog niche. Then you will get traffics from those websites. Another benefit of backlink is it will help you to get a place on the first page of search engine. It will help you to grow your Alexa rank faster and easier. You must get Quality backlinks which are related to your niche.

Write Content Regularly

If you want to grow your blog online it is important for you people to be active and write contents regularly. No one like the dead blog. The more you become active you will get more traffic. I tried this on my old blog and Alexa rank change quickly from 4 million to 600k. So, you should update your blog regularly.

Content is the king

Claim Your Website on Alexa

If your site receives the good amount of visitors and you are not satisfied with your Alexa rank. Then, there is another choice which is offered by Alexa and you need to pay for it. If will add simple code to your blog like google webmaster verification. You just need to paste that code in the head tag and after 1-2 days you will see the magic. If you don’t like the paid service, then you can cancel it anytime and if you cancel it before 7 days’ trial. You do not need to pay anything.

Claim Your Website on Alexa

Join Alexa boosting program

There are two choices for you people one is joining another website Alexa boosting program or another is making your own Alexa boosting program. You can join other’s Alexa boosting program and there are many Alexa boosting program group and website. If you want to make your own boosting program, then contact some website admins and make the group. Make sure all members must have Alexa extension on their browser.


Alexa ranks and Seo are completely different things but Alexa is also important for you people to show your blog popularity. The better rank you got it will help you to build your brand on the internet. If above tips help you then share it and if you people have Alexa boosting program drop the name below. I will start Alexa boosting program As soon as possible.

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