There are millions of domains and website on the internet. Among those millions of domain, we are one. Some domain has high authority and some have less authority. The question now is how to increase Domain Authority in 2017.Domain authority is a metric which was developed by Moz and it looks after 40 different factors but there are some main factors which will help you to increase domain authority. According to Moz “The higher your domain authority is, the more likely you earn the high ranking on search engines. Better rank gives you better traffic. “It is also helpful to measure your SEO efforts as well as the strength of your website over other competition websites.

Why you should increase domain authority (DA)

If you got good domain authority then there is the chance that you will get the high place on search engines. Such as Google and Bing. Sometimes site with low DA get a place on the first page but the more likely site which gets index in the first place have high DA. It is one of the main factors for search engines ranking.

How does domain authority work?

It looks after 40 different factors. Moz calculates the domain authority by giving numbers 1 to hundred. If your site has 1 authority then it’s poor and if your site has 10-30 its medium, 30-50 high and above 50 excellent. If your site already has 10-15 authority then it’s not hard to make it 50.The more DA your domain got it will get better rank in search engines. Better rank gives you better and quality traffic which will increase your earnings.

10 Ways to increase Domain Authority

1. Publish Quality Content

‘Content is the King’ for every blogger. Here I am not going to tell you, to write 1000+ words. If you are writing about micro Bus and to make 1000 words you wrote about chopper it will not be quality content. As a blogger, you should write less and tell more. If you don’t put images on the website then it will also not consider as Quality Content. One image can describe 1000 words. I suggest you to write quality content because quantity will not help you to increase domain authority. You can also use GIF and Videos to make your content more awesome. A good Content always contains 700+ words which are relevant to post title.

Publish Quality Content

2. Internal Linking

Internal linking is the key to increase domain authority. Wikipedia is the site which has 100 domain authority because it links users to others page within their site. If you use Internal ranking then it will improve site bounce rate. Bounce rate is also one factor which Moz looks while calculating DA.If you got good bounce rate then it will automatically increase domain authority.

3. Quality Backlinks

Getting backlinks is easy but getting quality backlinks is very hard. You should always try to build high-quality backlinks. People Who are running tech site and get the backlink from basketball website then it will not help you to improve your search results as well as domain authority. The person running tech site then you should get the backlink from another site which is like your niche. If you get the backlink from tech site but that site gets backlinks from another site like football players website then it will not be the quality backlink. It will not affect your site but the backlink you got will not be quality backlink. There are different ways to get backlinks such as blog commenting and guest posting.

Quality Backlinks

4. Increase Social Signals

Social signals is another very important things to increase domain authority. If you have very good number of followers on social media then it will help you to increase your traffic, site ranking and domain authority. While creating the social account make sure you put your website link and you keep update your social media account. Share every blog posts with a description on social media. The more click you will get on those shared link it will help you to improve site authority.

5. Make All Content Search Engine Friendly

This is another factor to increase your website DA. Many bloggers make their content SEO friendly then it will get the better place in search engines. If you got a better place than your site will get quality visitors. If your content is also SEO friendly then Moz will give your site the high priority and index your page authority. People Who got good page authority then you will get good domain authority.

6. Write Content in the Same Niche

If you sometimes write the post on computer tutorials and after some days, you start Writing about basketball on the same Website. It will not be going to increase your visitors or site ranking. If you are good to make tutorial content and you keep posting those kinds of post. Then, it will build your brand and all people who visit your website will love your content. They will join your social media. If you post different kinds of content then it will not increase your domain authority. So, write content within your niche.

7. Check and Remove Toxic backlinks

Backlinks are good for domain authority but if your website got toxic backlinks then it is very dangerous for your website. The toxic backlink is those backlinks which come from the following types of sites:

  • Spam sites and sites that are created only for link building
  • Sites which were not indexed by Google
  • Sites with a virus or malware
  • Link networks

Check and Remove Toxic backlinks

How to Remove Toxic Links?

Once you have managed to separate toxic backlinks from the good ones, you should take immediate action to clean them up. There may be some links, which you are unable to delete yourself. The best would be to get in touch with the webmasters of these sites and file a request.

8. Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

There are millions of webpage which want to get the place in search engines. This point is related to a search engine because of Google no longer index sites which are not mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly then you can Use Google AMP which will help you to make mobile site friendly. This is another factor which Moz looks while checking domain authority.

9. Improve Site Loading Speed

If your site responds too slow on both mobile and desktop then visitors will not visit your page. Page speed is another main factor which you should look in order to increase your site ranking and domain authority. If your site is responding too slowly on the desktop then you can use the caching plugin such as WP Faster Cache and if your site is slow on mobile devices you can use google AMP.

10. Have Patience And Let Your Domain Grow Old

If you register a domain today and from next week your domain authority will increase is wrong. It takes time several months or even several years to make your domain brand on the internet. There are different sites where the domain is on sale. Having good Domain authority doesn’t mean it has the good reputation in search engines. Most of the site is blacklisted by search engines or AdSense and they put the domain in sell. Be aware of that Domain. Work hard and legit success is waiting for you in the future.


This is some basic tips to increase domain authority which works for you people. If you got any problems then please share those problems below.I know there are lots more tips. If you have some additional information share it in the comment section because sharing is caring. Share this article with your friend if you find it helpful. You can join us on social media or subscribe our newsletter to get the latest update at first.

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