Facebook world most popular social network from 2004-present which keep going adding new update daily to keep their position on number Facebook is not only famous because it helps us to connect with people. It helps us to promote our business by creating Facebook pages. There are millions of Facebook profiles and everyone has the Facebook page either for their personal use or for business. Many people left Facebook page because they have fewer likes on their page. There are many ways to increase Facebook page likes and here I am going to tell you some of the secret ways which will really help you.

Here I am not going to tell you stupid ideas like using auto like or buying Facebook likes. I am going to give you some advice which will really help you to grow your Facebook page. If you buy Facebook likes or use auto liker, then you will get likes but your page post will not get likes because those audiences are not interested in your post or that was a fake account.

Tips To Boost Facebook Page Likes

1. Regular Posting on Facebook Pages

I have done an experiment on my Facebook page and I came to know that if you are running Facebook page to promote Website. Then it is better to put some other post and images like trolls related to your niche, which your audience love. If you only share your website links on the Facebook page, then no one will view them. If you share some trolls or any interesting facts, then someone will share those posts which will help you to get more likes on your page.

2. Invite your friend to like your page


You can invite your friend to like your Facebook page. Most of Facebook friends help you to grow your business, I suggest you people to invite your Facebook friend to like your Facebook page. It is the great idea to reach your first 100 likes on your page.

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3. Help peoples on forum’s and Facebook Group

There are thousands of forums where you can help other people by fixing their problem. The forum is not only to fix other problem but it’s the source to make fans. If you help people’s on google forum, then write your page link and ask them to like. There is another benefit of using Forums because you can write the tutorial on those problems.You can tell those people to open your website and if that work for them ask them to drop like on your page. If you join Facebook group according to your blog niche, then believe me it will Increase your Facebook Page Likes. You can increase your Reddit karma and start helping in Reddit to get more likes and better response.


4. Create Attractive Page Display Picture and Cover Photo

This is another cool way because if your Page does not have cover and display picture, then it looks ugly. I suggest you to create a creative cover for your Facebook page according to your page categories. Many Facebook page put their fans picture which encourages other people to like your page.

5. Create Custom URL for the Facebook page.

It is very important to create custom Facebook URL. Facebook default URL look ugly but if you create your URL like facebook.com/bishalcreationsYT.Then your fans can easily open your page by typing page URL. It looks professional and according to Facebook the pages will available according to user’s interest & query.

6. Fill About Section details of your Page

Recommend page settings for verification

It’s really important to add contact and about details for your page because your fans will not like your page if you don’t have categories, description etc. If you put website URL on your Facebook page, then it will also help you to get visitors from Facebook and your blog visitors also find that it’s your blog page.

7. Connect your page with other social media

if you connect your page on social media then you will get Facebook Page Likes from there and some fans can join you in other social media. Facebook, allow you to connect your page to twitter but if you want to connect it with another social network. Then just add your Facebook URL on website Box.

8. Engaging more with your Page Fans

We all know if we get the comment on WordPress blog, then we reply it instantly but why not for the Facebook page too. Suppose, you share your link on Facebook and your fans open the link because it is something they were searching. They stuck on some steps and want your help and they comment on your Facebook page. If you don’t respond that comment, then that fan will, unlike your page. So, you must engage with your fans and respond to any message you got in your page inbox.

9. Add more admin to your page

If you give someone admin role of your page, then it is not only your page. They will also work on your page and if you post the link to tell them. If they can post any other things such as jokes on the Facebook page. If you are Busy somewhere then they can manage your page, engage with fans, and respond any messages. Many people open a ‘troll page’ and they post in 5-10-minute duration to entertain their fans. Therefore, many trolls page become popular.

Do not give admin role to anyone you do not know because. if they got admin right they can remove you after 5 days.


10. Add Like Box to your Blog

I suggest you people to add Facebook like box widget on your blog, it is one of the best ways to increase your page likes. You can get the code for Facebook like the box from developers. We recommended you, people, to show a face of your fans because your Facebook like box looks awesome. You can add like box on any place of your blog but the sidebar is a good idea.

Facebook like box generator


There are many other ways to increase Facebook Page Likes, such as promoting Facebook pages. If you guys know any other ways different then above, then you can comment below. If this really helps you then share this with your friends and help them to grow their page likes too.

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