YouTube world second largest search engine and number one video sharing website. There are millions of YouTubers and YouTube channel. YouTube is growing higher day by day and number of the channel are also increasing. If you are YouTubers and want to increase YouTube subscribers, then there are many ways both legit and spam ways. Many people’s start YouTube channel and upload some videos and then left the youtube field. It is because YouTubers are not getting subscribers. Sometimes peoples are too lucky that they make some content and become popular for e.g. fashion and makeup channel. There are many categories for YouTube channel and those all video goes viral but there are certain techniques to boost YouTube subscribers.

YouTube is the best platform for bloggers too to get a high number of visitors. If you make successfully YouTube channel. Then, YouTube is the best way to increase your blog traffic. Many YouTubers make the successful channel and connect it to a website.

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10 Killer Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers – 2017

There are many ways to increase YouTube channel subscribers and I am going to list some of them which will help you to grow channel faster.

1. Use Intro and Outro for Videos

Intro and outro for video will help you to represent your brand and make a video more entertaining. It is like an opening theme on your television. The intro is the opening starting video which simply shows the channel name and Website or Channel URL. The outro is the video which shows the thank you message at the end of the video. It will make your channel look more professional and helps you to increase your subscribers.

2. Use Keyword Planner Tool

Google keyword planner tool is the keywords research tool which is used by many people to get relevant keyword for YouTube videos. If you use keyword planner tool to get ideas, it will give you all details about the specific keyword. Such as bid, Monthly search, and Competition. If you make the video on the specific topic which has low competition. Then, it will help you to boost your earning, views, and subscribers too.

Use Keyword Planner Tool

3. Make Videos on the Same Niche

If you sometimes make videos on computer tutorials and after some days, you start uploading prank videos on the same channel. It will not go to increase your subscribers. If you are good to make tutorial videos and you keep uploading those kinds of videos. Then, it will build your brand and all people who watch your videos and love your content. They will subscribe you and keep check your channel which will help you to increase views too.

4. Optimize your Video Descriptions

SEO is not only for the website to rank on search engines. SEO is also very important to rank YouTube videos. Coming back to the SEO aspect of YouTube videos, the video description is not to be neglected. The description will not only let your videos be found in search engines, they will also give potential viewers an idea of what your video is about. If you write the long description but do not write too much description. People will only read few lines of your videos.

5. Collaborating with fellow YouTubers

Collaborating on YouTube becomes common between content creator because everyone wants to boost their channel subscribers. If you contact the YouTubers who make the tutorial on the same niche you can ask them for the shout out and you can also give them shout out. You can also add them to your feature channel. If you make tutorial videos and Collab with YouTubers who make vlogs. It will not go to help you very much to Increase YouTube Subscribers.

Collaborating with fellow YouTubers


6. Make use of ‘Call to Action’ annotations

Call to Action annotations are those popups on videos which are like blessings for YouTube creators. It is so annoying but if you used it in the proper way it will give you lots of subscribers. Many YouTubers add annotations on YouTube channel with a small link to subscribe to their channel.

7. Create Custom URL for YouTube Channel

It is very important to create custom YouTube URL. YouTube default URL look ugly but if you create your URL like Then your subscribers can easily open your channel by typing page URL. There is the certain need for custom channel. You Can read those details on Google Support page.

8. Share videos on Social Media Accounts

Obviously, every YouTubers are on social media. There are no YouTubers who are not connected to any one social media. If you share your video on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Social media is the source of visitors because many of your friends and followers are already on social media. They will help you to boost your channel through social media and many of your friends will subscribe to your channel. This will help you to get your first 100 subscribers. You can use Reddit to increase your views and subscribers but before that, you need to increase Reddit karma. Otherwise, your account will get disabled.

Build High Quality Backlinks

9. Upload Regularly

If you want to grow your visitors and subscribers, then you should upload videos regularly. If you upload videos daily on your channel, then people who check your videos and find that you upload videos daily. Those viewers find out that you upload videos daily and then subscribe to your channel.

10. Online E-Books

There are many ways and tools which YouTubers use to get millions of Subscribers. There are thousands of eBooks written by professional YouTube to help you people. You can buy those eBooks and grow your channel. They cost only 10-20$ per books and are helpful to Increase YouTube Subscribers.


This is some ways to increase your YouTube subscribers. If this tutorial helps you to Increase YouTube Subscribers. Please share this with your friends and help us to make this site grow faster. If you people got any problems, please drop your comment below.

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