In this tutorial, I will teach you guys to install WordPress on google will help you to get free 1 year hosting without any issues. Google cloud is one of the most popular cloud platforms. Hosting your website on google platform is awesome. Google platform was officially powered by Google and people can host their app or website. Google is where the most popular game called the clash of clans is hosted. We are not going to host games or other apps. We will host WordPress site. The most interesting fact about installing WordPress is you can choose hard disk SSD or HDD and ram. It will show the total price you need to pay each month.

The most awesome thing is that Google is providing £300 for 365 days. Google extended 90 days’ trial period to 1 year which means you will get fast host without any additional cost for 1 year. This hosting is powerful as much as Go Daddy or Bluehost host. It is the cloud host so it will not offer you cPanel which is one negative thing of this host. If you have little programming knowledge, then you can even access that using ssh command. You can point your domain to your host. You will get the dedicated IP address for your WordPress site. It doesn’t offer custom email but the hosting has 100% uptime. Google products like Gmail and YouTube are depended upon this google cloud.

There are many others cloud platform to install WordPress but instead of those, we are going to use Google Cloud. If you want your website run without any downtime, then you need to install WordPress on google cloud and the plan starts from under 5$. Yes, the price of one pizza. The more coolest thing is that it offers you different kinds of memory. If you have the domain, then enjoy your free 1-year hosting. In, 1 year time you will start making a good amount of money from your website.

How to Install WordPress On Google Cloud in 2017

Now, the actual process begins and as always, I have separated this steps into different parts. It will be easy for you guys to understand the steps.


As Always, there are some requirements for you guys to get free hosting. If you don’t have any of the following, then you will have trouble.

Bank Card (not-Prepaid card)
Google Account
If you don’t have a valid credit card or debit card then, it’s useless for you. If you already made a google account, then you can continue with it but make sure that you have not already used the card to get 300$ trial.

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Sign Up for Google Cloud Trial

If you already got the google account, then now you have to create the account for the Google cloud. If you don’t have the credit card, then you need to get one. PayPal or Payoneer card will not work for this tutorial. Now, you just need to go to the and then click on start trial and then enter your details.

Creating Project for WordPress site

After that, you must create the project for your WordPress site. This project is the place where you can add domain and install WordPress. Without creating the project, you can’t install WordPress. Now, login to google console and then click on down arrow on the side of the cloud platform icon. After that click on Create Project button and then type your project and then type your project name and press enter.

Wordpress On Google Cloud Platform

Deploy WordPress on Google Cloud

1. Login to your Google cloud dashboard and click on side menu in the upper left-hand of the screen and then click on cloud launcher link.

WordPress On Google Cloud Platform

2. Then, search for WordPress. You will see many WordPress apps but  Choose the Bitnami version of WordPress for better support. After that click on “Lunch on Compute Engine” link and fill out the required information.

WordPress On Google Cloud Platform

Install WordPress On Google Cloud Platform

After that, you need to choose the CPU and disk space. You can leave other settings to its default but make sure to use SSD disk to make your site faster. Then, after that, you need to click on create button. It will take sometimes and then it will show you will see your login details on the sidebar.

Wordpress On Google Cloud Platform

Make sure to change the zone to get a faster connection. I suggest you guys to use Europe or US zone for better performance.

Log in to the WordPress Site

Now, everything is done but the WordPress default password is difficult to remember but you can change it in after you successfully log in to the WordPress site. Your login page is your-Ip/wp-login.php. Then, log in with your WordPress username and password.

WordPress On Google Cloud Platform


Now, you have successfully created your WordPress site on google cloud.I hope this tutorial helps you to install WordPress on google cloud.If you like this tutorial then please share this with your friends.

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