If you are working online as a full-time job then you must have some reliable source to make money online. There is no doubt that there are many ways to make money online. It needs lots of time and patience to become successful online. If you are in blogging field then obviously you have to earn some money to pay your bill and survive.

As I said before there are thousands of ways to make money online which includes both legal and illegal. I recommend you to stay away from scam and illegal way to make money and keep your focus on legal ways.

How to Make Money Online Easily

Here I am listing that money making methods for internet users, which works well and are easy to follow. Some of them required some skills such as good communication, writing and certificates too.  Here is some list that will help you to make money online easily.

1. Make Money Using Google Adsense. (Ad Networks)

This is the most common and easy way to make money online. This method is mostly used by Bloggers and Youtubers. If you are using youtube You will be paid depending upon the ad views and for websites, you will get paid for clicks and impressions. This is the service provided by Google but there are many other ad networks such as media.net which will pay you the good amount of money depending upon your traffic. I have written a detailed article about increasing your Adsense earnings.

money using adsense

2. Become affiliate marketer. (Focus on a niche)

An affiliate marketer has many options in front of them and mix up with all of them and make nothing. If you are serious about making money online then you should always focus on one topic. You have to build customers at the beginning and later you can turn them into profit. If you review books then you have to include an affiliate link to the product. If someone buys from your link then you will receive certain % of commission. Amazon is the great place to start with your first affiliate niche. If you want to use WordPress for affiliate marketing then here are 10 best plugins for WordPress affiliate marketer. 

3. Live Stream For Money.

This is another great way to make money online. If you are from those people who love to share videos or do a live stream. There are services like twitch and peeks and people will give you money instead of giving likes. Currently, youtube live also have that feature and people make more money while playing games or doing random stuff live stream. This is the great way to make money online.

Twitch Make Money

4. Build Your Own Online Store.

have you ever thought about building your own online store?. platforms like Shopify make it easy for everyone to make their own online store without any experience.  You can sell both physical products and digital products. There is a tool called shoppable that make the job easier to integrate products and checkouts into your existing blog. You can also use EDD Plugin if you got the good amount of customers.

Build Own Online Store Using Shopify

5. Review websites and apps.

There are thousands of brands and they want to increase their customers. The key to increase customers is making the site/app user-friendly. People (App Owners) will pay you some amount of money when you review their website or app. I found that the site USER TESTING pays you when you review some apps or website. If you run a successful blog or review channel then apps owners will contact you and pay you money to review their site or app or some physical products.

6. Freelancer

What an amazing job sit in front of your computer and complete tasks and make money. This is the easy job but getting one is very hard and you will get paid when you complete the tasks. If you have skills such as programming, web design and graphics designing then you will easily find work related to your skills.  Fivver, Freelancer and Up works are some of the most popular sites to get freelancing jobs.

Make Money using Freelancer

7. Offer a Service

This is similar to the freelancer but here you can take all the money you earn from the customer and you can directly take the order without third-party services. If you have already build your brand then you can easily get some customers otherwise it will take some time to start getting your order. You should always try hard to finish the work by time and provide quality service otherwise you will not get your customers back which leaves a negative impact on your business.


I have listed some of the ways to make money online and this is the easiest way that you can use to make money online. There are many other ways but this is some of the main ways that many people’s are using. If you have any more then please drop them in a comment below.

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