The major problem that we all face in the windows operating system is finding and update windows drivers. Windows install some of the drivers automatically bit most of them are not up to date and it cause problems such as Blue screen of death. In other hand windows cannot find all the drivers especially for old PC. So, in this article i am going to help you people to download latest drivers for your windows operating system. A Driver is the program which have instructions which control the attached hardware components such as USB, CD/DVD e.t.c. If your computer is running the old version of drivers then you can update windows drivers using this method.

There are more then 100 brands who makes computer parts and every brands have their own drivers for their hardware. So, finding drivers for this kind of hardware is not an easy task. So, in this tutorial i will help you to download latest drivers for your computer.

How To Update Windows Drivers

In this tutorial i am going to write about three different method to update your windows drivers. You can follow any method to download latest drivers for your computer.

Method 1: Using Driver Booster

Driver Booster is the free software which have access to database of millions drivers. With this tool you can update your driver in one click. You can also use paid version of this software for drivers like Nvidia but you can download Nvidia drivers from their site. So, i suggest you to go with free version.


Step 1: First Download and install latest version of driver booster from their official website. If you want you can purchase paid version but you can do most of work with just free version.

Download Driver Booster

Step 2: After, install gets completed you have to open driver booster and then click on Scan button.

Scan for Drivers
Step 3: Once scan process get finished, you will see the list of drivers available to update. Select the driver you want to update and then click on update now button.

Step 4: Once Drivers update finished you will see that your system is up-to date.

Drivers list

This is the most popular ways to update driver for your PC but sometime this don’t work because it need internet access. If you don’t have internet access then follow below method.

Method 2: Using Driver Identifier

Driver Identifier is the best source to download latest drivers. If your computer don’t have internet access then you can use this method to update windows drivers but, you need one PC with internet access to download drivers.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Driver Identifier and download the latest version and copy the setup file on USB and install it on your PC.

Download Driver Identifier

Step 2: After you finished installing, open driver identifier and click on i don’t have internet right now. Then click on Start scan button.

Scan Drivers

Step 3: Then once scan finished you will be asked to save html file. Save it on your USB Drive.

Step 4: Then, open the PC with internet access and plugin your USB. After, that open drivers file which is in .html file format.

Step 5: It will take some time and then you will see the list of drivers for your computer. Click on download button and login or create account. Then, your download will start automatically.

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Here we learned about how to Update Windows Drivers. I hope that you guys now can easily download latest drivers for your PC. If you have any problem then please drop comment below. You can share this post with your friend and help them to install latest drivers on their PC.

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