Facebook Considered as a world largest social network which is popular for not only because it helps the user to connect people from all around the world. It has features of the Facebook group and Pages. Facebook group and pages are becoming popular as like as a Facebook profile where Facebook profile are used to connect people around the world and manage Facebook page and groups. Where Facebook Page is used to promoting business. Not, only to promote page many celebrities create the Facebook page to promote them. Creating Facebook page is not for only Popular Celebrities and it’s free to create the Facebook page. So, many people create the unofficial page which has also got millions of likes sometime and your customers and fans need to identify the original page. So here is some guide to verify Facebook page

If you have got any fake Facebook page you can take them down by submitting a Facebook request but it’s a risk factor where there is the higher chance that your page may also get removed. If you guys take Facebook fake page issues as common issues then you are 100% wrong. Sometimes that page is created by your Big Fans and sometimes those pages are made by Hacker or your Enemy which aim is to demote you and your career. So verify your Facebook page now and be safe from those issues. If you think Facebook verification is too easy then again you were wrong it has certain requirements to get verified on Facebook. So, Follow these guidelines to get certified on Facebook:

Some Tips For Verify Facebook Page

Below Are Some tips to get verified on the Facebook page make sure you have followed all those tips before applying for verified Facebook page and get Verify Facebook Page.

  1. Likes and Followers

Likes and Followers are the main factors which Facebook look first when you submit Facebook verification Request. Your Facebook page must have more than 100k likes before Applying for Facebook Checkmark. Getting 100k likes is not too difficult to get if you were popular 100k Facebook like is not too difficult. You can also submit For Facebook verification if you have less like but there is the higher chance of verification if you got 100k likes.

  1. Regular Post Update and Messages Replay.

if you got millions of likes you cannot verify Facebook page. Facebook also check your activity logs such as new post update and messages reply. I recommend you guys to setup instant replay for Facebook so that your Fans and customer take some time for your respond. You have to upload 1-2 new photos/post daily in Facebook which helps you to increase your Visitors.

  1. Page Settings

Page settings are also important to get verified on Facebook. If you guys have the Facebook page with incomplete fields fill it now such as your Page short descriptions, Page Type, Address, contact phone. Such thing is very important for Facebook to verify your page because it will show that your page is not the fake page. Make Sure Your Page Has following Types:

1) Celebrities and public figures – sports, media, politics and entertainment.

2) Global brands and businesses.

3) Troll Pages and Website pages Which Is Very Difficult to Verifies

Recommend page settings for verification

You should fill your information like this for easy and fast verification. I got Facebook Gray verification but this is same for blue too

  1. Website and Wikipedia

Facebook verification is not easy and Facebook look at different thing related to you and one of that is Website. If you are serious about your business/career then I am sure you already have one otherwise you have to make one now.  You can get the domain name and host for 5$ a month and that is just a price of 1 pizza. Talking about Wikipedia then you cannot make the wiki for yourself but if you have some popular sources and fame then someone will make your wiki.

  1. Government Issued Documents

Yes, this is what you need most to get verified In Facebook. Government issues letter may be your passport, your citizenship or your driving license. There are some Organisation Verified Pages Too which need the government issued letters. Such as your company registered document and a letter with your company Stamp. You can also register for troll pages and website in some countries which Facebook supports.

Types of Facebook verification

There are two different types of Facebook verification and both are for different use. Let have a look at them.

  • Blue Verification badge

Blue Verification badge is the oldest verification mark but currently, it is only available for international and popular brands and public figures. This kind of page verification take some time and a Facebook team have to review each and every application. This process can take up to 1 month. You need more likes and followers for this kind of verification.

  • Gray Verification badge

Gray Verification badge is currently available for small business. If you have 1 main business headquarter at London and Have different branches in different part then you can get blue badge for your main headquarter and request Gray mark for your branches. look below image and you will understand it :). You can still apply for Gray mark for your small business like local high street shops, restaurants and bars.

Facebook Gray verification mark

Facebook Gray verification badge example

How to Submit For Facebook Blue Verification Badge Online

If you are the public figure or run very popular business and think that you should get verified mark then you have to follow below steps to get verified mark. make sure to look at settings and fill out you’re about section before submitting your application. Here I am going to show you the best way to Verify Facebook Page.

Open Verification Page

  1. First Open Facebook verification form and then you will see the 2 option. If you want to verify page choose the page and for profile choose a profile.
  2. Then, Attach your government document. make sure that your document is readable and in good quality.
  3. Now in additional information write the reason why you should get verified. This is the place where you should include Website and wiki page link. This will make your application stronger. After filling up the form click on the send button and you will see get the response on support inbox or on your email.
Facebook Verification Form

This is the form of Facebook blue Badge

How to Submit For Facebook Gray Verification Badge Online

You have to fill out the form for blue verification but for Gray verification mark you don’t need to fill out the form. You can directly apply from your settings. This verification option are currently available only for certain country and categories. If you make page settings like mine then you will get that option on your settings tab.

  1. First, open your Facebook page and then click on about section. Then change the page category to business like Designer or bars and Local store. After that you have to put your address and public number and opening hours and other details.
  2. Then, Go to the Settings>>general and page Verification and click on edit. I already verified mine.

    Facebook Gray verification

    Facebook verification for Gray mark

  3. After that, you have to click on verify this page and follow the instruction. If you are trying to apply by phone number then make sure your number and name are registered in the public telephone directory of your country. You can also add your business to yell. yell is one of the most popular directories.
  4. If phone verification failed then you can submit your phone bill but make sure that your business name, phone number and address is on the bill. This document will help you to Verify Facebook Page.

That’s all now good luck for you to Verify Facebook Page soon.It’s all not about your luck guys if you have valid document then you can get in low likes.If you are running pages which is illegal then it will take forever to verify your page.Sometimes, if you got verified page there is the chance they will take it back.So, work legit. If you have WordPress then you should turn on 2 step verification for your safety.

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